ribuan artikel terunik teraneh menarik terlangka terlucu cari disini:

12 Situs social network terbaik buatan Indonesia

angka tidak menunjukan bahwa ini yang terbaik

1. Digli.com
DIGLI is a friendship site with a feeling of Indonesia whereby all DIGLI users can interact with each other to form an easy activity to get friend. With DIGLI, users can more easily find new friends because here DIGLI users to more easily familiarize themselves with the user other. In addition, the various facilities available strongly supports its users to establish communication with other users, if the rating of this site combines between facebook and kaskus.

2. Adandu.com
Adandu has the appearance of the logo and website that dominated the red-white color and shape of a cartoon mascot yellow star. Adandu was launched in beta in October 2009. Based on Alexa data in May 2009 the rate of growth in the number of web pages accessed Adandu (pageviews) in three months rose 6000%. While the rate the residence time per person (average time on site) grew 2400%. This data shows the increasing number and loyalty of visitors accessing the website.

3. Haifren.com << ---- ni menurut ane yang paling lengkap fiturnya, langsung aja dicoba
Haifren adalah situs komunitas berbasis open source, dimana kita bisa melakukan editing dashboard seperti merubah tampilan, menyusun widget sesuai selera kita, mengubah posisi widget di profil kita. Awalnya memang terlihat rumit tapi sebenarnya ini simple dan minimalis. Hampir semua yang kita inginkan ada disini

4. Otofriends.com
Otofriends is a new social networking, introduced in 2008. This site brings social networking theme with the tagline "Community Gathering, Start From Indonesia. " Otofriends developed by native students from Indonesia, until the time I wrote those posts, I do not know who would name the student, (the owner does not mengespost his true identity, only puts themselves as Team Otofriends), some identify it as a student forum of the leading universities in Indonesia . Some users who have joined, Otofriends access rate has been rapid with complete features and continues to grow. When compared with Facebook, a feature similar Otofriends up. Features Otofriends can be said a combination (gado-gado) from Facebook, Yahoogroups, Friendster, Multiply even.

5. Lilocity.com
LILO (Little Online) was developed as a medium of the concept of young people gathered Virtual World Society (VWS). Password Pinatabahri, Business Manager of M-Stars, expressed, "We developed LILO to the VWS because we want to provide a place for young kids socialize, be creative, and express themselves in a virtual world."

6. Kungkoo
Kongkoow is the local flavor of social networking sites that provide very complete facilities such as email accounts, file sharing, video streaming, and blogging.

7. KenalanYuk.com
Kenalan yuk.com contacts are the sites of friends / social as discussed emerging today. Features on KenalanYuk even somewhat-somewhat similar to Facebook. Only of course there are differences. Kalo up> blue then KenalanYuk> green. Please open its own Web site for more info.

8. MyPulau.com
MyPulau is a social networking site that was driven by Telkomsel. MyPulau actually been registered since August 28, 2007. But this one site, a new active recently. His name is also a social networking site, here you can find and communicate with your friends or looking for new friends. Social networking sites this one has advantages where all things are owned by well-known social networking sites like facebook and twitter is here. Even that is not contained in mypulau.com on facebook and twitter.

9. Koprol.com
Koprol.com is based on the social networking site devoted to the cities in Indonesia, told the location of fellow users Koprol Koprol and connecting fellow users who are in the same place. This social networking location-based method. Here, mobile users can be like a GPS without a GPS application from the phone itself

10. KidnetMania.com
KID meaningful Net Work Input Data dot Net is a product native to Indonesia, which makes containers for those of you who want additional income through the Internet, thousands of people have already joined, it's been signed in 3000-the member more. Member task net kid is as staff of data entry and will get a commission from the job he is doing. Currently KID NET already does not accept the member again, except through special channels (pay) and will only be open-enrollment at a time when a certain time.

11. Kombes.com
In appearance and function similar to FaceBook, only there are some differences you'll enjoy the view and this site is mostly local members of Indonesia alone. Many have advertisements on display above and below the page, in contrast with FB that free of the existing ads. But somehow we must remain coated with the maker who is able to 'modify' some other social networking and combined and mixed so that it can produce this Kombes.Com. To become a member we have to do sign-ups first, and can provide updates and some notes in it.

12. Indoface.com
This is it friendship site from Indonesia and perhaps as an alternative to existing sites. Friendship site is provided by several features including blogs, my voice, vote and if you want to sell goods or promote something in IndoFace pairs of service provided free advertising. For those of you who have online businesses want even offline you can promote it. Well can already establish new friends can also put a free ad. The good news again in IndoFace every activity you like to login, upload photos mp3 and you want any comments will earn points, which if you have sufficient points can be exchanged for electronic goods such as mobile phones or other electronic items that have been provided by IndoFace more steady her join aja in IndoFace